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If you currently take krill or fish oil, you deserve better. Fish and krill oil is ground up fish (guts, bones, organs and all) pressed into a slimy oil. These oils can be oxidized, contain toxins from the sea and are not easily absorbed by your body. Even worse, fishing these species out of the sea is destroying our ocean. So yeah, not good.

Algae is where fish and krill get their Omega 3s from in the first place! Algae oil is vegan, toxin free and farmed in the USA providing good, clean American jobs. Our patented polar lipid algae formula is clinically proven to be absorbed 1.7x more by your body, contains both DHA and EPA omegas & the powerful antioxidant Astaxanthin and it won’t give you the dreaded fish burps!

And our products help restore the ocean. So we’ve got that going for us, which is nice. 😊


"We created SeaVoir to be restorative, for our bodies and the planet. Today, sustainability is not enough. We must regenerate ourselves and nature for the future."

- Ashlan + Philippe Cousteau

A Better Way to Wellness: The SeaVoir Story

For three generations, our family has pioneered the protection and restoration of our ocean. That’s why we founded SeaVoir – to create high quality ocean-derived products that support human health and ocean restoration.

While on expedition in Antarctica, we discovered the world’s largest climate catastrophe that no one is talking about.

Krill are tiny crustaceans and a keystone species for the entire ocean food web. They are a part of our world’s largest carbon sink (sequestering 12 billion tons of carbon a year!) and are critical to the generation of over 50% of earth’s oxygen. But krill populations are being decimated. When we asked why, the answer shocked us…Omega 3 supplements.

That’s right, we are destroying the world’s largest carbon sink, the biodiversity of the ocean, our ocean food web, and our largest oxygen producer all for Omega 3s. And remember fish and krill don’t even make their own omega 3s, they get it by eating algae! And so can you.

We launched SeaVoir to put an end to the destructive fish and krill oil industries but even if the ocean isn’t your top priority, our algae oil is a superior Omega 3. Period.

With one small daily action, we can improve our health and build a hopeful thriving ocean planet for ourselves and our children.

“What sets seavoir apart is their commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing.”

Hear from others building a better wellness routine with SeaVoir.

“I have joint pain and have been taking Omega 3 supplements. Switched to SeaVoir and, it is not only more effective, but no fish are harmed!”

Jacqueline S.

“This algae-based omega-3 product is a beauty essential! It has worked wonders for my hair and skin, leaving them glowing and healthy.”

Sarah L.

“As a man in his 70's who hits the gym 4 times a week, I was looking for an Omega3 to help keep my bones and joints in top performance. With Seavoir I get just that and I’m even lifting more weight.”

Tony G.

“I have had brittle nails my whole life. A few months on these vegan Omega3s and I my nails and even my hair are strong and beautiful! Thank you Ashlan & Philippe!”

Kandy K.

“I have been taking fish oil for years, SeaVoir is so much better, no fish burps and after a few months my cholesterol is already down.”

Bob A.


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What are krill and why are they so important?

Krill are a small shrimp-like crustacean that live predominantly in the Southern Ocean (in and around Antarctica).  They are the keystone species in the food web, meaning the animals in Antarctica depend on them (or the fish that eat them) as a primary food source.  This Southern Ocean ecosystem is one of the most important bio-engines on our planet, removing roughly a third of the world’s carbon and producing nearly half of our oxygen (yes, even more than the Brazilian rain forest!) The growing impacts on this vital eco-system (primarily from krill fishing) will dramatically accelerate climate change and bio-diversity loss.

How are SeaVoir’s Omega 3 capsules 1.7x more absorbable?

Human clinical science performed by an independent 3rd-party lab (KAGAN ET AL) demonstrates that Omega-3 from AlmegaPL* offers 1.7x the absorption rate of fish oil, krill, and other algae oils. This confirms the enhanced bioavailability of our unique algae-sourced Omega-3.

Will SeaVoir’s Omega 3 capsules give me fish burps?

Nope! Algae oil is easily absorbed by our bodies (1.7x better!) and there is no hard to digest fish or krill in our formula.  So no fish burps. Yay!

Why are SeaVoir’s Omega 3s better?

Algae is where fish and krill get their Omega 3s from!  Algae oil is vegan, toxin free and farmed right here in the USA providing good, clean American jobs. Our patented polar lipid algae formula is clinically proven to be absorbed 1.7x more by your body, contains both DHA and EPA Omega 3s along with Chlorophyll, Omega 7s, polar lipids AND the powerful antioxidant Astaxanthin. 

How does the auto-delivery process work?

Our Omega 3s are auto-filled and auto-delivered. Auto refills are a great way to ensure you’re not bothered with having to remember to reorder, keep up, and are always supplied with your Omega 3s.  And the auto refill is easy to cancel at any time without any obligation.  Our refills and shipping packages are compostable and we offer them as monthly or quarterly refills (the latter not only better pricing for you, but also even less packaging and waste!)

Is this product safe for women who are pregnant?

Studies show Omega 3s have positive effects during pregnancy, and getting both DHA & EPA is the best.  Our Omega 3s have both and they are vegan and clean. They don’t carry any of the possible toxins and oxidation that can come with fish and krill oil. But as always, talk to your doctor before taking any supplements while pregnant.

If they’re so important, why aren’t krill being protected?

Great question!  There are in fact international efforts underway to create marine protected areas (MPAs) around key areas in Antarctica to protect these vital little guys and the ecosystems they support.  Ashlan and Philippe are on the frontlines of this work as members of Antarctica2020.  Unfortunately, these MPAs are being blocked by countries who are benefiting from the commercial krill fisheries in these waters.  As it often does, it comes down to commercial greed over the common good! (https://antarctica2020.org/who/)


One small, daily action can have an infinite impact.

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Sourcing Sustainably


Our vegan Omega 3 supplements are made from algae grown on farms in New Mexico and Texas. The algae grows with natural sunlight and carbon dioxide purchased from local power plants.

These algae farms are like oases in the desert. They not only help to reduce carbon emissions, but they also provide good, sustainable jobs on non-arable land, restoring economic opportunity in these rural communities.

Restoring Our planet


Omega 3 supplements are the #1 reason for the exploitation of krill – the source of ocean carbon storage, biodiversity, and oxygen. 70% of the krill market is for Omega 3 supplements, directly impacting our planet’s oxygen and climate.

The irony is fish and krill get their Omega 3 by eating algae. So SeaVoir sources Omega 3s directly from algae as nature intended, allowing the krill to remain in the ocean.

Paying It Forward


5% of our profits goes to EarthEcho International, a leading non-profit building a global youth movement to protect and restore our ocean planet. 

To date, EarthEcho has reached more than 2 million people in 146 countries with the tools and knowledge to become stewards of the ocean in order to activate the next generation of environmental leaders.